Recent projects

  • Rosana's Blog 2012
  • Best Deals by Sodexo
  • Sketchy Icons
  • Big Ben Wallpapers
  • TenU Advies
  • Taraxacum Wallpapers
  • Super Gloss Icons
  • Rosana's Blog 2011
  • Summer Flower wallpapers
  • Rosana Kooymans 2011

Various new items added!

I recently added new items to my portfolio. There are the glossy icons, the TenU Advies website, Taraxacum and Big Ben wallpapers. I did finish more projects this year, but a few of them cannot be added until somewhere in 2012. I guess we'll just have to wait until then. ;)

Super Gloss icons Taraxacum wallpapers
TenU Advies website Big Ben wallpapers